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How to make money off Trump cancelling Iran Nuclear Deal ?

Buy Major & Independent Oil Stocks


Iran is the fifth largest exporter of Oil in the world. After cancelling the nuclear deal with Iran and imposing new sanctions on Iran, the supply of oil on the world markets will decline which will spike the price of oil. After analysing all major Oil and Gas companies I came up with a list of Oil and Gas stocks that you should buy now:

1. CVX_____BUY_____Chevron Corporation
2. ECA_____BUY_____Encana Corporation
3. IMO_____BUY_____Imperial Oil Limited
4. PTR_____BUY_____PetroChina Company Limited
5. RDS-A_____BUY_____Royal Dutch Shell plc
6. RDS-B_____BUY_____Royal Dutch Shell plc
7. SNP_____BUY_____China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation
8. STO_____BUY_____Statoil ASA
9. XOM_____BUY_____Exxon Mobil Corporation

Also there is a large number of Independent Oil and Gas providers on the stock market and after analyzing them here is the list of stocks that you should buy from this sector as well:

1. APA_____BUY_____Apache Corporation
2. APC_____BUY_____Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
3. AREX_____BUY_____Approach Resources, Inc.
4. AXAS_____GRAB_____Abraxas Petroleum Corporation
5. BCEI_____BUY_____Bonanza Creek Energy, Inc.
6. BPMP_____GRAB_____BP Midstream Partners LP
7. BSM_____BUY_____Black Stone Minerals, L.P.
8. BTE_____BUY_____Baytex Energy Corp.
9. CHKR_____BUY_____Chesapeake Granite Wash Trust
10. CLR_____BUY_____Continental Resources, Inc.
11. COP_____BUY_____ConocoPhillips
12. CPE_____GRAB_____Callon Petroleum Company
13. CRC_____BUY_____California Resources Corporation
14. CRK_____BUY_____Comstock Resources, Inc.
15. CRZO_____GRAB_____Carrizo Oil & Gas, Inc.
16. DKL_____BUY_____Delek Logistics Partners, LP
17. DNR_____BUY_____Denbury Resources Inc.
18. DVN_____BUY_____Devon Energy Corporation
19. EGC_____GRAB_____Energy XXI Gulf Coast, Inc.
20. EGN_____BUY_____Energen Corporation
21. EGY_____GRAB_____VAALCO Energy, Inc.
22. EPE_____GRAB_____EP Energy Corporation
23. EQT_____BUY_____EQT Corporation
24. FANG_____GRAB_____Diamondback Energy, Inc.
25. HES_____GRAB_____Hess Corporation
26. HPR_____BUY_____HighPoint Resources Corporation
27. LGCY_____GRAB_____Legacy Reserves LP
28. LGCYO_____BUY_____Legacy Reserves LP
29. LGCYP_____GRAB_____Legacy Reserves LP
30. LPI_____GRAB_____Laredo Petroleum, Inc.
31. MRO_____GRAB_____Marathon Oil Corporation
32. MTDR_____GRAB_____Matador Resources Company
33. MUR_____BUY_____Murphy Oil Corporation
34. MVO_____BUY_____MV Oil Trust
35. NBL_____BUY_____Noble Energy, Inc.
36. NDRO_____BUY_____Enduro Royalty Trust
37. NFX_____BUY_____Newfield Exploration Company
38. OAS_____GRAB_____Oasis Petroleum Inc.
39. OXY_____BUY_____Occidental Petroleum Corporation
40. PDCE_____GRAB_____PDC Energy, Inc.
41. PE_____BUY_____Parsley Energy, Inc.
42. PER_____GRAB_____SandRidge Permian Trust
43. PHX_____GRAB_____Panhandle Oil and Gas Inc.
44. PNRG_____BUY_____PrimeEnergy Corporation
45. PVAC_____BUY_____Penn Virginia Corporation
46. PXD_____BUY_____Pioneer Natural Resources Company
47. REN_____BUY_____Resolute Energy Corporation
48. RRC_____BUY_____Range Resources Corporation
49. SDR_____GRAB_____SandRidge Mississippian Trust II
50. SM_____BUY_____SM Energy Company
51. TGA_____GRAB_____TransGlobe Energy Corporation
52. VNOM_____GRAB_____Viper Energy Partners LP
53. WPX_____GRAB_____WPX Energy, Inc.
54. WPXP_____BUY_____WPX Energy, Inc.
55. WRD_____BUY_____WildHorse Resource Development Corporation
56. XEC_____BUY_____Cimarex Energy Co.
57. XOG_____GRAB_____Extraction Oil & Gas, Inc.
58. ZN_____BUY_____Zion Oil & Gas, Inc.

GRAB means SUPER BUY - buy it NOW.

In conclusion it is safe to say that the oil industry would definitely get a boost out of new sanctions on Iran and it should produce good returns for investors.

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